About me

For those who are just curious to know who is writing the blog or if you are a scientist interested in communicating science but have no idea where to start, here are some facts about me. I will leave the more “sciency” ones out, as they are relevant for my job as a researcher but not that useful for here! These were my choices, interests or means to an end, you absolutely do not have to do the same to become a good science communicator or to just get started!

The picture below is from Pinewood Studios, where I had a lot of fun filming a piece on the science of molecular gastronomy and how spherification works. You can watch the episode here.

_DSC5519 (800x450) (2)


Certificate Program in Journalism, The Open School of Journalism

PGCert Medical Communications, University of Worcester

PhD Molecular Angiogenesis, University of Birmingham

MSc Biotechnology, University of Algarve

Licentiate Marine Biology and Fisheries, University of Algarve


Getting into Science Communication:

STEM ambassador

Committee member of the British Science Association, Leicestershire Branch



1 day and then the 5 day TV presenting course with the TV Training Academy at Pinewood studios

Voiceover for beginners from Gravy For The Brain



Film course for postgraduate students at the University of Birmingham (writing, producing, filming, editing, presenting your research in a short film format)

Screenwriting workshop with Industrial Scripts (and then the 25-module online course)

Filmmaking course with Raindance Film School



Write story books for children (online, CPD certified)

Write Crime fiction (online)



DSLR basic and advanced, portrait, street, night, landscape



Start your own business (Excel with business, online, CPD certified)

ICOES Accredited Event Planner Course


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