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Welcome toUncomplicating_Science01

This blog is all about making science simple, fun and accessible for everyone! I’ve just set up a youtube channel, where I will be publishing news, interviews and demonstrations. You can watch my videos here.

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Scientific and medical literacy

Media content, especially on the internet, is abundant, readily available and, unfortunately, often full of contradictions and misleading information. Controversial or falsely promising titles seem to “sell” more and get more views, but do we really learn anything from them? And, more importatly, do we know how to spot if the information is to be trusted or not? The fact that sometimes the “evidence” comes from uninformed celebrities or even doctors, that are being paid to advertise products that do nothing for us does not help to make matters any better.

This is why scientific and medical literacy are important. I will soon start a journal club section on the blog, where I will explain scientific articles or news in lay terms. The aim is simply to “uncomplicate” the information to a level that anyone can understand. We don’t need to agree, that’s not the point. Correctly informed readers are able to make their own analyses and come to their own conclusions.  Increased literacy on scientific and medical matters helps people having a better understanding of what they read, as well as being able to make informed judgements.


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