STEMM careers

What STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medicine) careers are out there and what qualifications does one need to do those jobs? What do they consist of? There seems to be a big gap between the jobs that actually exist, which are extremely diverse, and what we know about them. More impressively, some, most people don’t even know they exist!

Sooo… I’ve started a video series that aims to provide (more) information about STEMM careers and how to get from A to B to people who are trying to decide what course to do at University, early career STEMM professionals and/or those looking for a career change, as well as the general public. This is where YOU come in! If you work in any area of STEMM or know someone who does, I would love to hear from you/them! Why not send me a link to a short video (uncomplicatingscience(at)gmail(dot)com) and I will add it to my Youtube channel? In my video I waffled on forever about my different courses, jobs, projects and choices. Yours doesn’t have to be so long/detailed, but it would be helpful to know your current job title, what it consists of, what qualifications are needed, brief career path and the STEMM subject(s), so that I can put it in the right category(ies), in case viewers are interested in a specific area only. It doesn’t have to look professional and can even be shot with your phone. Some extra visuals would be nice (such as a particular machine/piece of equipment, facility, cells, etc.) but not mandatory. Because I don’t have a lot of spare time, I use mostly Movie Maker (and sometimes GoPro Studio, but you can only edit material shot with their cameras…) to edit my videos, as it is free and very easy to use (there are loads of tutorials online, as well as other free software). It doesn’t do things like picture in picture, which is a nice feature to have sometimes, but it’s pretty simple to use. I’m looking for information and enthusiasm, not perfection! So, I’ll be looking forward to receiving your contributions! Ta!

Together we can inform, inspire and support the next generation of STEMM professionals, as well as the general public!


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